1. Rubber Lining in Mixers

What is Rubber Lining?
Rubber Lining is a tough polymeric material which is coated inside the material flow equipments. Rubber composition used in lining process can vary in different industries based on the type of substance flowing in the equipment to prevent reactivity.

Rubber Lining is an excellent solution to protect metal surfaces of structures in corrosive environment. It provides great resistance & protection to corrosion and abrasion by applying the rubber sheets onto the metal surface of mixer, ducts, pipes and tanks to protect the metal substrate.
The fully bonded lining provides a durable and resilient protective rubber coating that will withstand very aggressive process conditions and applications. It also benefits in reducing noise and vibration.

How (Application Method)?
We use fasteners and stud weld technique to install rubber lining sheets. Old fasteners are removed with impact wrench machine or cut by grinding machine if broken or damaged. Each Liner is measured and modified and placed following structural drawing and layout. Holes in Rubber liners are made according to equipments specified location and gaps between two liners filled with therostat silicon.

Where? (Applications of Rubber Lining)
Rubber Lining is best suitable Mining, Pelletizing, Steel and chemical industries in following equipments;

  • Mixers
  • Tanks
  • Pipes
  • Ducts
  • Unvulcanised Equipments
  • Mining Wear Parts

2. Industrial Exciter Maintenance & Service

Exciters are engineered for high performance vibrating screens manufactured to properly set the required stroke, frequency and exact static moment for each application, resulting in improved screening performance. Vibrating and shock Exciters are also used to apply dynamic forces to larger mechanical structures.

Titronic is currently serving to some well-known groups in pelletizing, cement and crusher industry. Our services cover periodic equipment inspection, finding root cause, general maintenance, repairing and replacement of defective parts e.g. bearings.

3. Gear Box Analysis

As Gearbox is a mechanical unit consisting of a series of integrated gears within housing and they are used in many applications including machine tools, industrial equipment and conveyors.

Misalignment, Bearing Problems, Increasing noise and temperature, thermal instability and lubrication problems are some common reasons which can affect the performance of gearbox and ultimately the production process.

We have seasoned crew who perform a critical analysis to reach to the root cause of equipment failure. Titronic is currently engaged with a large group in pelletizing industry for inspection and preventative maintenance of gearboxes.

4. Alignment of Pumps

Misalignment causes most of vibration related problem in pump systems. Misaligned machines add huge into annual cost and serve as contributing factor in production loss.

Our services include inspection and alignment of Shaft and coupling, vibration analysis, gearbox inspection, fixing of wear and tear of bearings & seals, repairing premature shaft and providing solution against increased friction and oil leakage.

5. Environment Equipments

Titronic is keen to provide best solution of environmental problems related to belt conveyor operations in pelletizing, Mineral mining, Iron ore, Hard rock mining, underground mining, steel, and cement industry. Our mission is to preserve environment and providing the kind of product support to our clients.

Titronic provides installation, preventative maintenance, inspections, repairing and replacement of belt conveyor equipments which play a significant role in minimizing production loss during the process by controlling spillage of raw material.

1. Wash Box
2. Belt Cleaners (Scraper)
3. Skirt and Curtain Rubbers
4. Bag Filter