What is PE Lining?

Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) liner is a high impact strength liner that is applied on the inner walls of equipment. Its increases the life of equipment by protecting its structural walls against abrasion wears and promotes mass flow.

Why PE Lining?

UHMW-PE Plastic Coating prevents local wear, oxidation and aggregation of structural materials. It has great resistance at high as well low temperature. It is non absorbent to water and has enormous resistance against chemical which ultimately makes it corrosion and erosion resistant. It’s non-sticking to foreign material properties endorse low friction and prevent freezing of content/ flowing material on the surface of equipment e.g. Silos, Chutes etc.

How? (Fastening Method)

We use stud welding method which is a technique similar to flash welding where a fastener or specially formed nut is welded onto base metal of structure.
It is fast and efficient method for mounting liners onto a metal or steel wall. The Liners are normally laid lengthwise in the direction of flow of bulk material, each sheet overlapping the next one by about 15 mm. Vertical joints are put edge to edge according to the necessities. Liners can also be put with horizontal and vertical joints edge to edge but staggered without any problem.

Where ?

These Liners are quite useful in Mining, Pelletizing, Steel, Metallurgy, Cement, Coal Handling, Food and construction Industries. Our Liners can be fitted on Silos, Chutes, Bunkers, Flumes, Buckets, Deflectors, Tank, Plow, Duct, balling Disc, Hood, Launder/ Rampa, Hopper and many other types of structural and industrial equipments.