Who We Are

Since its founding in 2010, Titronic Middle East Technical Services LLC has Shown solid growth and gained great credibility in the market by innovating and providing solutions in the use of polymers in industrial areas. Installation, Maintenance, Service and repairing of UHMWPE lining, Conveyor belt cleaners, Spillage controlling Skirt Rubbers are one of our expertises. Due to diversified field of action and exclusive & personalized service to our customers, made ​​us able to meet the same efficiency of different markets such as mining, steel, metallurgy, machinery, construction and many others. Titronic, as solution Provider Company, take on biggest challenges by developing projects according to Client needs. We are challenging industry norms by changing the way we work and this is what makes us different.

Our History

Our History begins in 1985, with the foundation of Titronic Plásticos Industriais LTDA in Brazil. Since its origin, Titronic has achieved tremendous success in working with world’s leading Mining, Steel, Cement, & engineering industries. Follow our timeline to know more about us.

Titronic entered in Middle East by starting its business in Oman with Vale pelletizing company (World’s 2nd largest mining company). Titronic Oman has a long & strong relationship with Vale Oman based on trust and quality service. The project included Polyethylene Lining inside all giant structural units like Storage Bin Silos, Feed Bin Silos, Mixer Silos, Balling Silos, Discharge and Feed Chutes, Balling Disc & Launders and Ploughs.

Titronic went into partnership with Towell & Arcadis to manufacture and supply conveyor belt accessories for their Construction project of Vale Oman. Our wide ranged services were including PE lining of equipments, provision of wash box press roller, speed sensors and many other services.

Titronic introduced Safety Protection Guards to Vale for their largest belt conveyor network (110+) to prevent accidental/ deliberate access to running belt conveyor and other rotating/ live parts. It prevents fatal machinery hazards e.g. entanglement, shearing, nip, drawing in or trapping, Impact and other hazards related to material projection. Titronic Belt Conveyor Protection complies with following Safety guarding Standards, OSHA 1917.48 {(a) (1&2)} (b), MSHA 56.14107, MSHA 75.1722, MSHA 77.400. It is easily removable/installable for quick access to conveyor for maintenance purpose and durable in adverse weather conditions.

We, further, strengthened our partnership with Vale by supply and service of Nylon Idlers (Flat, Return, Wash box, Self-Align) and devices like Speed Sensors & Zero Speed Sensors to monitor the speed of belt conveyor. Conveyor Cleaning Scrapers to control spillage of iron ore and other sticky materials. We introduced Ceramic tips for primary Scraper and Polyethylene blade as wash box scraper which astonishingly improved the performance and helped to preserve environment.

“Falling Objects” has been a huge concern for Vale. Titronic stepped up to fulfill our commitment to safety and introduced Return Idler Protection for highly elevated Conveyors. Polyethylene and Metal baskets were unique in their purpose. Vale’s “High Risk Inventory Team” highly appreciated and recommended it to even low elevated conveyors considering it best shield against falling idlers.
Our product was developed in compliance with safety standards. These baskets are durable in dusty & wet environments and steadfast even in high temperature. Titronic Belt Conveyor Protection complies with following Safety guarding Standards, OSHA 1917.48 {(a) (1&2)} (b), MSHA 56.14107, MSHA 75.1722, MSHA 77.400.

Orpic Sohar is another big star in our sky. We are supplying them with Slip Sheets and other packaging & logistic products with a promise of long running partnership with the confidence winning services.

Considerin the vision of honourable Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, Titronic is committed to boost local economy by producing items to meet the local market needs. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Oman consolidated our position in plastic industry by contracting us for Supplying Plastic Vegetable & Fruit Crates.

Local Farmers from Musandam also benefitted from our products and signed a mutual agreement of supplying of fruit & Vegetable baskets.

Titronic serves its clients with best of professional management, the most effective techniques and the newest technology, equipment and materials in the industry. Our journe with Jindal Shadeed started in 2017 with the agreement of provision of belt conveyor accessories and special services e.g. Guide Rollers, Press roller system to improve belt sca;le reading etc.

Haver & Boecker is latest addition to our portfolio. We have a demand based agreement with them on fabrication, supply and maintenance of shafts, Exciter weight and bearings.

We have widened our scope to confectionary and bakery industry. Titronic has a demand based contract with a number of bakeries from Oman and Qatar. We design and manufacture a variety of bread baskets of highest quality with differents sizes and shapes for Korean bakeries WLL and Keybake Bakery from Qatar and Sohar Beach Bakery, Oman.

Titronic has a privilage to work with Oman Munition production company (OMPC) on various projects. We are manufacturing packaging for bullets and other engineered machined components for OMPC.

Our CEO Interview with OmanTV

Our CEO Mr.Khalid Abdullah Al Hosni had interview on Oman TV. He was called to express his views on topic “How to identify the most prominent activities of small and medium enterprises in North Al Batinah Governorate?“

“كيف يمكن التعرف على أبرز أنشطة المؤسسات الصغيرة و المتوسطة بمحافظة شمال الباطنة.”

Below you will find whole interview.