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Fabrication, Repair & Maintenance Services


  • Rubber Lining In Mixers

    We use fasteners and stud weld technique to install rubber lining sheets. Rubber Lining is best suitable Mining, Pelleting, Steel and chemical industries in various equipments such as Mixers,Tanks,Pipes,Ducts,Non Vulcanised Equipments & Mining Wear Parts.

  • Industrial Exciter Maintenance & Service

    Titronic is currently serving to some well-known groups in pelletizing, cement and crusher industry. Our services cover periodic equipment inspection, finding root cause, general maintenance, repairing and replacement of defective parts e.g. bearings.

  • Gear Box Analysis and Service

    Misalignment, Bearing Problems, Increasing noise and temperature, thermal instability and lubrication problems are some common reasons which can affect the performance of gearbox and ultimately the production process. Titronic is currently engaged with a large group in pelletizing industry for inspection and preventative maintenance of gearboxes.

  • Alignment of Pumps

    Misalignment causes most of vibration related problem in pump systems. Misaligned machines add huge into annual cost and serve as contributing factor in production loss. Our services include inspection and alignment of Shaft and coupling, vibration analysis, gearbox inspection, fixing of wear and tear of bearings & seals, repairing premature shaft and providing solution against increased friction and oil leakage.

  • Environment Equipment's

    Titronic is keen to provide best solution of environmental problems related to belt conveyor operations in pelletizing, Mineral mining, Iron ore, Hard rock mining, underground mining, steel, and cement industry. Our mission is to preserve environment and providing the kind of product support to our clients.


  • Conveyor Belt and Steel Structures

  • Piping , Machine & Fabrication Services

  • Electric Motor Maintenance & Repair Services

  • Installation and Maintenance of MV/LV/HV substation /transformers/control panels / PLS panels, Cables laying, Switchgear, MCC, cable tray/ladder systems


  • About PE Lining

    Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) liner is a high impact strength liner that is applied on the inner walls of equipment. Its increases the life of equipment by protecting its structural walls against abrasion wears and promotes mass flow.

  • Fastening Method

    We use stud welding method which is a technique similar to flash welding where a fastener or specially formed nut is welded onto base metal of structure. It is fast and efficient method for mounting liners onto a metal or steel wall. The Liners are normally laid lengthwise in the direction of flow of bulk material, each sheet overlapping the next one by about 15 mm. Vertical joints are put edge to edge according to the necessities. Liners can also be put with horizontal and vertical joints edge to edge but staggered without any problem.

  • Where to Use?

    These Liners are quite useful in Mining, Pelletizing, Steel, Metallurgy, Cement, Coal Handling, Food and construction Industries. Our Liners can be fitted on Silos, Chutes, Bunkers, Flumes, Buckets, Deflectors, Tank, Plow, Duct, balling Disc, Hood, Launder/ Rampa, Hopper and many other types of structural and industrial equipments.


  • Injection Molding Services

    Titronic Middle East has earned a fame of custom manufacturer of engineered thermoplastic products in the GCC region due to its capabilities of plastic machining, fabrication, moulding, and casting.
    Injection moulding is the process of injecting plastic material into a mould or die under pressure and most often heat so that the end use part is created in the inverse form of the mould or die cavity.

  • Plastic Welding

    Plastic welding is the process of creating a molecular bond between two compatible thermoplastics. A Titronic, We use modern technology and highest quality machines to perform weld plastic. Our specialist crew members understand the properties of each plastic and do compatibility check on analytical grounds to ensure durable joining of two plastics.

  • 2D & 3D Cutting and Design

    Computer controlled automation is becoming increasingly important for production technology in all sorts of industries. We use CNC machines for efficient and accurate machining with tremendous physical properties of plastics, solid wood and non-ferrous materials. Our latest machines help us to produce with Nylon, ABS, PE, PP and PS plastics in custom designing within competitive prices.

  • Extruder Services